The Ripple Effect

by Timm, Think Tank Member

Everything we do in our lifetime will and has had a ripple effect on our current destination and all of those involved.  When the phrase “ripple effect” is spoken of it usually has a negative connotation that goes with it.  But I have seen both positive and negative ripples in my life.  Depending on the action, a ripple may only extend for a moment, but some ripples will extend for a very long time.

When we were conceived by our parents, the ripple effect of that decision brought about us!  Then depending on how they raised us, they still have a ripple effect in our lives.  Of course as adults, we have made numerous choices as children and adolescents that we now see the effects of—and like I mentioned, some negative, and some positive.

Self-reflection is something I believe that everyone should do.  Look at how the choices we have made are affecting those in our lives.  Are they positive ripples, or negative ones?  When a person does this with complete honesty—after all, lying to yourself is insane—then he or she will be able to make some necessary changes that will send out positive ripples into the world they live in!

When I did this, my eyes and heart were opened to all of the ripple effects I have sent out to my family, friends, and the world as a whole.  I am always doing my best to make sure that my actions and choices are going to send out a positive ripple effect.  Of course I am not perfect, but my making a conscious effort to send out positive ripples has changed my life immensely.  My past is something I want to learn from, and we all have the ability to send out positive ripples to those around us; it boils down to choices!  So before you do anything, take that brief moment we all have and say to yourself: “Is this action going to have a positive or negative ripple effect?”

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