ATP Projects

The Arizona Transformation Project engages in original research and writings designed to improve both the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program specifically and the criminal justice system more broadly:


See more about ATP’s involvement in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange course on our Inside-Out page.

Inside-Out Courses to Date:

  • Spring 2016:  East Unit, ASPC-Florence (first Inside-Out class in the state of Arizona), co-facilitated by Kevin Wright and Travis Meyers
  • Spring 2017:  East Unit, ASPC-Florence, co-facilitated by Kevin Wright and Cody Telep
  • Fall 2017:  North Unit, ASPC-Florence, co-facilitated by Kevin Wright and Wesley Smith
  • Spring 2018:  East Unit, ASPC-Florence, co-facilitated by Cody Telep and Wesley Smith
  • Fall 2018: East Unit, ASPC-Florence, co-facilitated by Kevin Wright and Stephanie Morse

“Reducing Recidivism in Arizona” report for the Governor’s Office

The Arizona Transformation Project in collaboration with the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at ASU produced a report for Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s Recidivism Reduction Project Team, based on interviews conducted by incarcerated think tank members with 409 men living on East Unit in ASPC-Florence. The report includes a summary of findings related to interviewee views and experiences with employment, housing, substance abuse, and reentry, as well as solutions and recommendations proposed by respondents.

Read the full report, released in August 2017, HERE.

ATP members are currently working on additional papers describing their experiences in completing this project that will be posted here when completed.

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Art Show

Read more about the ATP’s involvement in promoting and producing art from the inside and the Inkarcerated art show held in May 2017 on our Art Show page.